NEMSMA and IAEMSC Suspend Merger Discussions

In December of 2013, the Boards of Directors of the International Association of EMS Chiefs (IAEMSC) and the National EMS Management Association (NEMSMA) jointly announced the unanimous decision to proceed with creating a consolidation plan to merge the two EMS associations into a single new organization. That announcement was preceded by months of exploratory discussion; the dialogue between our two organizations has effectively been going on for over two years. During that time, NEMSMA has been working diligently to accomplish this goal.

In an effort to bring our talks to conclusion, the NEMSMA Board drafted a merger agreement and set a firm deadline of December 31, 2014 for a final decision from the IAEMSC board on whether or not to proceed. Unfortunately, in a written response to our request that we received on December 31st, they indicated they were unable to commit. In their correspondence, IAEMSC suggested that we spend additional time in discussions and further due diligence. However, virtually all issues involved with a merger have already been reviewed and deliberated by both Boards.

Lacking a firm commitment from IAEMSC to merge, NEMSMA believes further effort in this regard is neither efficacious, nor cost effective. Further delays for the purpose of continuing to only discuss a merger would serve to hinder both our associations’ progress. We are therefore regretfully suspending action concerning consolidation of NEMSMA and IAEMSC.

NEMSMA remains open to completing a merger with IAEMSC. We have informed them that when their leadership is empowered by their membership to commit to, and complete, a consolidation, we look forward to proceeding.

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