MS Fourth Grader Honored for Saving Brother’s Life During Seizure

Addison Burleson is being praised for her poise under pressure for helping to save her older brother’s life.

Addison, 9, was recognized in front of her fourth grade class with a plaque last month for realizing something was wrong with her 20-year-old brother, who has a history of seizures. Saving lives runs in her family. Addison’s mom, Kelley Burleson, is a trained paramedic and has drilled the family on several medical procedures.

So when Addison saw her brother was in trouble, she hit the emergency button on his cell phone to call 911. Addison gave the dispatcher her home’s address and her phone number in case they got cut off. She also told them her brother, who was barely breathing, had a history of seizures.

When the dispatcher told Addison to turn her brother on his side, she calmly told them she was only 9 years old and couldn’t roll him over.

She then told the dispatcher the paramedics should come to the back of the house because the front door wasn’t used much. She then thought about it more and decided the front door was best because it was closer to her brother’s room.

Mom Kelley says she isn’t surprised how well her daughter handled the scary situation.


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