Mom Gives Birth on American Airlines Jetway in Charlotte

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Staff with the Mecklenburg EMS Agency and the Charlotte Fire Department helped deliver a baby Wednesday on a jetway at Charlotte Douglass International Airport. (Photo American Airlines)

Editor’s note by A.J. Heightman, JEMS Editor Emeritus

There is no better place for this child to have been born than on the jetway at Charlotte Douglass International Airport, service area of MEDIC Ambulance and the Charlotte Fire Department, two of the most recognized providers of exceptional emergency medical care in the country.

Congratulations to both agencies for the successful delivery and care of this newborn.

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — A baby was born on the jetway at Charlotte International Airport on the busiest travel days of the year.

Nereida Araujo gave birth to a healthy baby girl Wednesday after the plane landed, USA Today reports. The baby was given a fitting name: Lizyana Sky Taylor.

Araujo’s water broke on the 90 minute flight from Tampa, Florida.

“Baby Sky decided to enter the world on a plane,” Araujo wrote on Facebook. “Mommi (sic) handled it well thanks to everybody who assisted us with love & care.”

“Paramedics, along with the Charlotte Fire Department, assisted in the delivery of a healthy baby girl at the Charlotte Douglas International Airport on the jetway,” Grace Nelson, a spokesperson for Mecklenburg EMS Agency, told USA Today.

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