MedStar Hosts Two Survivor Reunions

Jamal Adams, the survivor, in green. Photo provided by MedStar

November 15, 2019, 2:30 p.m.

North Crowley High School, Fort Worth, Texas

MedStar 60 arrived on scene to find a 43-year-old male sitting on the ground.

A coworker states that they were sitting in a staff meeting at school when the patient began to shake almost like a seizure, but not full ‘tonic-clonic’ activity.

She states that they slowly placed him on the ground and he stopped shaking. She states that he was agonal and they placed the AED pads on him. She states that the AED advised that the patient be shocked and they did. She states that she performed two minutes of CPR after the shock.

When they began to ventilate the patient he took a big gasp of air and opened his eyes. The patient later reported that he felt very dizzy and lightheaded prior to the syncopal episode. He denies having any chest pain, SOB or nausea. He also reports that he had a MI on September 14, 2019 and had two stents placed.

He is alert and oriented to person, place, time, and event. PERRL. The patient’s skin was warm, dry, and intact. No JVD or accessory muscle use noted during respirations. Breath sounds were clear and equal bilaterally. ECG showed sinus rhythm without ectopy or elevation/depression.

Let us introduce you to the stars of the story:

  • Jamal Adams, the survivor (In the green sweater)
  • Valerie Duran, coworker who participated in the rescue
  • Daryl Porter, school principal who participated in the rescue
  • Margaret Terry, Coordinator of Safety and Security for Crowley ISD who coordinated CPR training and AED placements in the High School
  • Sandee Treptow from Reliant Energy, who helped with the funding for the training and the AEDs
  • Alfred Ortiz and Nathan Duran MedStar crew members
  • The rest of Jamal’s family

May 20, 2019, 5:45 p.m.

AOSTF 45 M, A&Ox0/GCS11, found supine in the roadway. Pt c/o multi trauma post motorcycle crash, struck by a pickup, traveling approx. 45mph, while riding a motorcycle.

Patient was initially trapped under the vehicle but was extricated safely.

Patient had extensive traumatic injuries and was in critical condition. 

MedStar crew stabilized and provided extensive care at the scene and enroute to a local trauma center.

Let us introduce you to the stars of the story:

  • Anthony Polk, the survivor
  • Jacob Mooney and Matthew Silcox, MedStar crew members
  • Stacey Sokulsky, 911 dispatcher

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