Maryland City, County Create EMS Partnership

ANNAPOLIS, Md. – Annapolis Mayor Michael Pantelides and County Executive Steve Schuh announced their latest partnership, focusing on enhancing Emergency Medical Services (EMS), benefiting both city and county residents.

The mayor and county executive were joined by Annapolis Fire Chief David Stokes and County Fire Chief Allen Graves to announce a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) that will provide fire suppression and emergency medical services from both the county and the city to be deployed from the Annapolis Neck Fire Station 8.

Station 8 is owned and operated by Anne Arundel County, and the MOU outlines an agreement that has Annapolis placing both Emergency Medical Services personnel and equipment into the station and jointly operating from that location.

“This partnership benefits both departments and is the best use of our limited resources,” Mayor Pantelides said. “This move is an investment in our community and will also allow us to train county personnel from Station 8 on the operation of our fire boat, again providing the most effective use of our resources.”

“The county’s paramedic unit at Station 8 responds to an average of 1,700 calls per year, of which, 1,000 are in the City of Annapolis,”said County Executive Schuh. “This MOU will allow us to focus on redeploying our paramedic units to other areas in the county while keeping quality of service residents depend on.”

The county will redeploy their paramedic unit staffing to fire stations just outside the city.

“These actions will reduce the number of responses that Annapolis units are making from the Forest Drive and Taylor Avenue Stations, increasing our availability to handle calls in the city,” Fire Chief Stokes said.

The MOU is for a period of one year and shall automatically renew for successive one year terms, unless

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