Los Angeles Toddler Has Finger Amputated On Escalator

VAN NUYS, Calif. – Firefighters in a Van Nuys courthouse took apart evey step of an escalator to locate the severed end of a toddler’s finger.

NBC Los Angeles reports that firefighters, deputies and a maintenance supervisor went through the escalator, section by section, to retrieve the index finger of a 17-month old boy. The boy’s finger was cut off while descending the escalator, according to authorities.

Witnesses report the toddler’s mother was holding him as the pair went from the second floor to the first floor of the courthouse when the amputation occurred. An on-duty deputy quickly shut power off to the escalator. Paramedics reported the boy to be calm as he was being treated. After finding the finger, it was quickly transported to the traume center at Northridge Hospital Medical Center to be re-attached.

It took 90 minutes to find the finger according to a LAFD spokesman.

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