Kevin Seaman Discusses Resuscitation at EMS Today 2015

Kevin Seaman, MD, FACEP, led professionals through a hands on resuscitation workshop, presenting the latest science to help EMS systems increase cardiac arrest survival rates. The workshop not only taught high performance CPR basics, but also how to teach it to others and implement it in a department.

Some additional key points made by Seaman were:

  • High performance CPR is one program that can improve your community’s survival from cardiac arrest in an effective way for minimal cost.
  • The two interventions proven to save lives in cardiac arrest, CPR (quality and time to initiate) and Defibrillation (time), are both EMT interventions.
  • EMTs own CPR.
  • Everyone in VF (ventricular fibrillation) survives. (A change in culture.)
  • Team coordination–ALS must work around BLS.
  • When HP CPR results in return of spontaneous circulation, ALS has many interventions to maximize survival.

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