JEMS EMS 10 Innovators in EMS 2013 Awards

SAN DIEGO – As the leader in disseminating the best knowledge in emergency medical services (EMS) practice, the Journal of Emergency Medical Services (JEMS), in partnership with Physio-Control, Inc., a leading provider of emergency medical response technologies worldwide, today announces the top 10 innovators in EMS who drove the profession forward in 2013.

The award recipients–listed with their innovations–are:

Peter Dworsky, MPH, CBRM, NREMT-P, Corporate Director, and Scott Matin, MBA, NREMT-P, Vice President
MONOC (N.J.) Mobile Health Services
“¢    Dworsky and Matin conducted an original experiment and developed a powerful, educational video outlining the misconceptions and dangers of emergency siren use.

Ahamed Idris, MD
Professor of Medicine and Surgery/Emergency Medicine and Director of Emergency Medicine Research, the University of Texas Southwestern Medical and the Parkland Emergency Trauma Center, and Director, Dallas Fort Worth Center for Resuscitation Research
“¢    Dr. Idris was recognized during 2013 as the most prolific Principal Investigator (PI) for the National Institutes of Health (NIH) Resuscitation Outcome Consortium (ROC).

Victor A. Convertino, PhD
Senior Research Physiologist Manager, Tactical Combat Casualty Care Research Program Area
U.S. Army Institute of Surgical Research
“¢    Dr. Convertino published landmark research on the compensatory reserve index (CRI), a technology that gives rescuers and caregivers a novel, non-invasive tool to predict which patients, who appear hemodynamically stable, will decompensate.
CEO/Administrator, Humboldt General Hospital, Nev.
“¢    Parrish implemented several innovative initiatives for Humboldt General Hospital (HGH) EMS Rescue, which is located in remote rural northern Nevada, 160 miles from the nearest trauma center. These included a Community Paramedicine Program (AKA “Guardian Mobile Integrated Healthcare”) as a way to reduce ER visits and hospital readmissions; a free ElderCare component of the program; a paramedic training program that recruits and trains local residents in their rural service area; use of portable x-ray in the field; and a police-paramedic program.

Rick Lewis, EMT-P, Chief, and John Riccio, MD, Medical Director
South Metro (Colo.) Fire Rescue Authority
“¢    Lewis and Riccio developed the Advance Resource Medic (ARM) vehicle and deployment system, allowing for changes in dispatch and triage processes. A mobile CLIA certified moderate complexity lab, used in conjunction with the skills and prescriptive authority of a physician extender, takes field capabilities and triage to a much higher level, allowing for a better patient experience, decreased costs and improved outcomes.

Farooq H. Muhammad, EMT-P
Paramedic lieutenant, FDNY Bureau of Training, EMS Academy
Special Projects/DiamondPlate
“¢    Muhammad wrote, produced and starred in innovative and inspirational social media videos designed to educate the public about EMS and instill pride in EMS providers for the role they play in public safety and health. His EMS music videos have gained over one million views on YouTube from across the globe.

Kevin Seaman, MD, FACEP
Medical Director, Howard County (Md.) Fire & Rescue
“¢    Dr. Seaman has made significant contributions to prehospital emergency care well beyond the borders of Howard County, Md., where he has established a division of the Seattle Washington Resuscitation Academy.

Phil Callahan, PhD, NREMT-P
Professor Emeritus, University of Arizona
“¢    Callahan developed and introduced a resiliency-based behavioral health initiative for first responders involved with the July 2012 Aurora (Colo.) theater shooting. . Using the Response to Stressful Experiences Scale test from the Veterans Administration Center for PTSD, Callahan was able to demonstrate an increase in resiliency scores immediately following the training, as well as proving that the gains in resiliency were sustained 6 weeks later.

David Edgar, MHA
Assistant Chief, West Des Moines (Iowa) EMS
“¢    Assistant Chief Edgar created a crew fatigue policy to objectively monitor crew activity and fatigue throughout their shift. The policy is designed to ensure the safety of the patient and crew, and transitions individuals from busy ambulances to reduce fatigue.

Shaughn Maxwell, EMT-P
Medical Services Officer, Snohomish County (Wash.) Fire District 1
“¢    Captain Maxwell developed innovative EMS checklists for use during EMS responses to ensure evidence-based critical interventions are occurring when specific clinical conditions are encountered.

“The EMS 10 program, conducted in partnership with Physio-Control, is now in its sixth year. This program has provided us with a great way to find, recognize and publicize the work of EMS innovators,” stated A.J. Heightman, editor-in-chief of JEMS. “This year is no different. The efforts of these award recipients are exemplary and should serve as a motivator for other EMS professionals to think about solutions to the challenges within their own EMS systems.”

Recipients were judged on their fulfillment of at least one of the following 2013 criteria:
“¢    Introduced or published a new clinical or operational program or concept that constitutes an extraordinary contribution to prehospital emergency medicine;
“¢    Revised a local protocol or standard operating procedure (SOP) that significantly enhanced the efficiency, safety or quality of EMS care or the work environment for EMS personnel;
“¢    Implemented a unique educational model or recruitment and retention program that drastically increased or improved the local workforce;
“¢    Spearheaded the development of a new state or regional group or agreement in an effort to improve preparedness for major incidents.

“The EMS 10 program continues to highlight outstanding examples of how individuals and organizations have pushed to transform prehospital patient care. Showcasing their innovations at EMS Today and in the EMS10 supplement ensures that the worldwide EMS audience is made aware of them,” said Brian Webster, president and CEO, Physio-Control. “Physio-Control applauds this year’s EMS 10 winners for pushing emergency medicine forward. These individuals share Physio-Control’s own commitment to innovation and serve as an inspiration for emergency response professionals everywhere. “

On February 6, 2014, the “EMS 10″ will be recognized during the opening ceremonies of the EMS Today Conference & Exposition in Washington, D.C., to which they received complimentary registration. They will also be recognized in a special digital supplement on, available in April.

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