Investigation Started Into Cleveland (OH) Ambulance Crew’s Four-Hour Call

An internal investigation is underway into why a Cleveland ambulance crew was listed as being on one call for four hours during last month's NFL Draft weekend.

According to a report from FOX8, an internal investigation is underway by the city of Cleveland, Ohio’s, Office of Integrity, Control, Compliance, and Employee Accountability into why a Cleveland ambulance crew was listed as being on one call for four hours during last month’s NFL Draft weekend, a time when the city was short on ambulances to respond to calls.

It is unclear whether an EMS crew was forgotten or dispatch lost track of that unit. A dispatch record shows that on May 1, an emergency medical services (EMS) unit sent to West 81st Street for a medical emergency at 2:03 p.m. However, the call was not closed or marked as completed until 6:21 p.m., with the patient refusing to go to the hospital.

Cleveland City Hall did not answer any follow-up questions from the station about the internal investigation. The EMS union is also not answering questions. However, the union president said that the crew members said they followed proper procedure.

There have been several instances of delays and short-staffing with Cleveland EMS, exposing a chronic problem.

Councilman Michael Polensek has also been watching issues with the city’s ambulance service closely, and a visit to the address of that call on West 81st Street did not turn up any further answers.

As for staffing on May 1, records showed the city was short six ambulances that afternoon, so EMS had to operate at about 25 percent below its normal staffing.

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