International Academies of Emergency Dispatch Publishes Ebola-Specific Tool

The International Academies of Emergency Dispatch’s CBNR Fast Track Committee first began issuing updates on the dispatch aspects of Ebola in early August and, on Friday Oct. 10, published its Ebola-specific Emerging Infectious Disease (EIDS) Tool for anyone in the world to use. 

With more recent spread of EBV outside of West Africa and now unpredictably appearing in new places, the specifics of when to use the extent of questioning within this Tool must remain user-defined (medical director-controlled where possible). Where a secondary surveillance software is used like FirstWatch, there is obviously a desire to collect more information to aid in its predictability features.

Per the Academy, there is no specific “required” order or specific number of these questions to ask. Geographically, areas of recent travel concern can change daily.  In the upcoming version of the Tool, the CBRN Committee is likely to approve adding several “Medical Director-defined” question spaces for local agency use. 

It is recommended that your agency check the IAED’s website daily for any new updates or dispatch-related advice until the public health is again stable and assured.  We anticipate updates to the EIDS Tool to be posted within the next several days at 

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