ZOLL Medical Awarded Welsh Ambulance Services NHS Trust Contract

CHELMSFORD, Mass. — ZOLL Medical Corporation, a manufacturer of medical devices and related software solutions, announced recently that the Welsh Ambulance Services (WAST) NHS is equipping its frontline ambulances with the ZOLL E Series EMS monitor/defibrillator. Under the terms of the agreement, ZOLL plans to supply a total of 185 E Series units for distribution to the north, central and west, and southeast regions of the Welsh Service.

This contract, valued at $1.7 million (U.S.), is the largest order to date for the E Series in the United Kingdom. A ZOLL customer for 12 years, WAST is standardized on the Company’s monitor/defibrillator products and updated to the E Series two years ago when it purchased 54 E Series units.

“From the outset, we’ve been impressed with the impact the full-featured E Series offers in improving outcomes from sudden cardiac arrest. The 12-lead STEMI option gives us the ability to simultaneously share information with the ED so they are prepared when the patient arrives,” said a WAST spokesperson. “And throughout our relationship with ZOLL, we’ve come to rely on them for excellent customer service.”

“ZOLL is pleased that the Welsh Ambulance Service Trust continues to use ZOLL as a partner in its mission to offer the best critical care for Welsh citizens. This upgrade of equipment demonstrates the value they place on advancing resuscitation care and we are pleased they continue to use ZOLL as a partner to help save more lives,” said Jonathan A. Rennert, President of ZOLL.

About the E Series
The rugged E Series monitor/defibrillator continues to set the standard in EMS resuscitation, providing proven high-current biphasic defibrillation capability and a wide range of unparalleled treatment and monitoring technologies. It is also the leader in fully integrated EMS data management, yet also offers the flexibility to communicate with other patient information and code data systems as required.

About Sudden Cardiac Arrest
Sudden cardiac arrest, an abrupt disruption of the heart’s function, which causes a lack of blood flow to vital organs, claims between 150,000 and 180,000 lives each year in the United Kingdom. It is the leading cause of unexpected death in the world and strikes without warning. Currently, only about 5 percent of victims survive, but improvements in resuscitation care could probably increase this to as high as 25-50 percent.

About the Welsh Ambulance Services NHS Trust
Serving a population of 2.9 million, spread out over an area of nearly 13,000 miles, WAST serves a diverse area that encompasses tranquil rural retreats, busy seaside resorts, and large urban communities. Its varied and modern services are tailored to address the different environments and their medical needs. WAST responds to more than 250,000 emergency calls annually and over 50,000 urgent calls, and transports over 1.3 million non-emergency patients to over 200 treatment centers throughout England and Wales. It operates 90 ambulance stations, four control centers, three regional offices, and five vehicle workshops, and employs a staff of 2,576 people, 76 percent of whom are operational.

About ZOLL Medical Corporation
ZOLL Medical Corporation develops and markets medical devices and software solutions that help advance emergency care and save lives, while increasing clinical and operational efficiencies. With products for defibrillation and monitoring, circulation and CPR feedback, data management, fluid resuscitation, and therapeutic temperature management, ZOLL provides a comprehensive set of technologies which help clinicians, EMS and fire professionals, and lay rescuers treat victims needing resuscitation and critical care.

A NASDAQ Global Select company and a Forbes 100 Most Trustworthy Company in 2007, 2008, and 2009, ZOLL develops and manufactures its products in the United States, in California, Colorado, Illinois, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, and Rhode Island. More than 400 direct sales and service representatives, 1,100 business partners, and 200 independent representatives serve our customers in over 140 countries around the globe. For more information, visit www.zoll.com.

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