Wheeled Coach Introduces Cool-Bar

Wheeled Coach Industries, Inc. — the largest Ambulance brand in the World — is proud to announce Cool-Barâ„¢ (patent  pending), the latest in a long line of innovations that you have come to expect from the market leader. 

With summer comes the heat which taxes ambulance air conditioning systems. The Cool-Barâ„¢, a high performance and amazingly efficient auxiliary condenser addresses the efficiency of the system. When compared to the standard auxiliary condenser offered by most ambulance manufactuers, the Cool-Barâ„¢ “blows” the competition away with…

  • 30% Greater Condensing Capacity. 800 sq. in. of condensing coils vs. the 560 sq. in. used in other external condensers
  • 4 high capacity fans vs. the 2 fans in other external condensers
  • 30% Greater BTU Capacity. 60,000 BTU capacity vs. 40,000 BTU capacity with other external condensers  
  • 50% Greater Air Flow. 2900 CFM of air flow vs. 1600 CFM with other external  condensers
  • Not exposed to road damage or reduced efficiency by NOT installing the external  condenser under the vehicle.
  • Mounting on the front of the modular body, there are multiple warning light options for maximum flexibility.

Only Wheeled Coach offers the innovative Cool-Barâ„¢. Please contact your Wheeled Coach dealer for more information.

About Wheeled Coach: Wheeled Coach is a wholly owned subsidiary of Allied Specialty Vehicles. ASV, with revenues of approximately $1 billion, is a market leader in three industry segments: Fire & Emergency, Recreational Vehicles, and Bus & Industrial. The Company was formed on August 25, 2010 through a combinations of four existing portfolio companies of American Industrial Partners: E-One, Inc., Collins Industries, Inc., Halcore Group, Inc. and Fleetwood RV Inc. With in the Fire & Emergency segment, ASV offers an extensive line of fire apparatus and ambulances. Within the Recreational Vehicle segment, the Company produces Class A and Class C Recreational Vehicles under many of the industry’s iconic brand names. Within the Bus & Industrial sgement, the Company produces Type A bus products for both the school and child care markets as well as terminal trucks and street sweeper products.

For more information, visit the Wheeled Coach website at www.wheeledcoach.com.

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