Real MCI – Virtual Reality Training for MCI Events

Real Response, an Australian training provider has recently launched Version 3.0 of its Virtual Reality (VR) training program RealMCI. RealMCI is designed to train first responders to assess, treat and triage casualties at a mass casualty event (MCI). The use of the HTC VIVE ensures users are fully immersed into the virtual world where they can move through the scene interacting with casualties, police and their control room.

As the program was designed by paramedics and first responders the interactions and scoring are extremely realistic and provide a very effective alternative to live or desktop MCI training.

Real MCI has the ability to be tailored for any organisation, incorporating unique scenarios, environment and even uniforms of the first responders. The possibilities are endless and Real MCI v4.0 is progressing with feedback from the first early adopters.

Real Response sees this as one of the first applications of true immersive VR for EMS training and envisages VR application to soon become normal place in EMS education.


Ben Krynski

Co-Founder/Director of Training

Real Response

Sydney, Australia

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