Truphatek LED Laryngoscopes, Blades and Kits now available from

Truphatek LED Laryngoscopes, Blades and Kits now available from now offering Laryngoscope blades along with re-usable, or single use Laryngoscope handles from Truphatek – the global leader in the manufacture of airway management and emergency medical devices. Protect your patient, budget and yourself by using Truphatek’s extensive line of disposable and reusable laryngoscopy products available at

Coatesville, PA ( May 23, 2013: The search is over for Laryngoscope handles and blades that perform flawlessly, protect the patient, and an organization’s budget. now carries Truphatek  Laryngoscope blades along with re-usable, or single use Laryngoscope handles for all your intubation needs. Visit and tap into Truphatek’s extensive line of disposable and reusable laryngoscope products that have a world class reputation.

The EquipLED Re-usable Laryngoscope Sets are wonderfully organized sets of EquipLED re-usable Laryngoscope blades and Dolphin Laryngoscope handles for your intubation needs. These unique kits include Miller and Macintosh blades in addition to Dolphin handles to perform an intubation of an adult or pediatric patient.

The EquipLED re-usable laryngoscope is three times brighter illumination than conventional laryngoscopes yet the cool LED light protects delicate oral tissues. The medium and mini Dolphin laryngoscope handles have a battery life 10 times the competition. The blades are made from highest quality stainless steel with a brushed satin finish to reduce glare and are fully submersible for easy cleaning. In addition, the Atraumatic tip provides patient safety and comfort.

Each set includes large and small Dolphin conventional handles (batteries not included) and 6 EquipLED Reusable LED Laryngoscope blades that have color coded packaging for easy size identification. The Adult set contains; Mac 2, 3, and 4; Miller 2, 3, 4 size blades. The Pediatric set contains; Mac 0, 1, 2; Miller 00, 0, 1 size blades.

All blades and handles are conveniently stored in one of Truphatek’s compact cases with durable zippers and plenty of storage of ancillary airway items. Elastic tie downs for safe storage of blades and handles. There is an ID holder window on outside of pouch for easy identification. Reflective trim provides added visibility.

TruLite is the world’s first completely disposable LED Laryngoscope. An integrated steel blade and re-enforced plastic handle combination makes this unit ready for use at a moment’s notice. Designed to perform under toughest field conditions, the unique unbreakable black plastic handle with folding blade fits into most EMS kits and makes it ideal for use with Tactical Teams, Wilderness Rescue, EMS, and hospital crash carts.

The LED lamp has 3 times the light, focused, strong, reliable light with ideal blue-white spectrum for enhancing viewing tissue. The blade is made of stainless steel for maximum rigidity, finely finished, non-traumatic metal edges with a real forged tip. They are also flatter with a lower profile and greatly reduced flange. The soldered tip ensures non-traumatic blade entry. Available in Mac 2 — 4 or Miller 00 – 4 size blades, each size is clearly color coded for speedy identification.
The entire unit is compact and lightweight, weighing only 120 grams including the AA batteries. The ergonomic grip, universal size, handle is made from high grade, reinforced plastic. The unique design allows for routine quality and serviceability checks before use. All critical components have been designed to withstand forces used in intubation.

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