Lighthouse Innovations LLC Announces Debut of Unique Lifting Harness

Cody, WY — Lighthouse Innovations, LLC, announces the debut of its flagship product the Binder E-Z Lift harness. The E-Z Lift harness was developed to provide a safe and more efficient way of providing lift assistance to fallen individuals where a mechanical lift device is not available or practical to use.

The Binder E-Z Lift harnesses are compact, lightweight, fully portable lift devices that allow from one to nine individuals to assist in the lifting process. “Because, humans don’t naturally come with handles, health care providers and others working with non-trauma patients face a constant challenge when trying to lift and stabilize a patient.” says CEO/Founder Dan Binder. “I simply created a device that allows the health care professional to safely and efficiently team-lift a non-trauma patient.”

The harness was specifically designed for EMS and Health Care personnel who may not have access to a mechanical lift device and yet deserve to have a safer way to lift. “There is no longer any reason to risk injury to either the patient or care giver” states Binder, who designed this for his wife Julie in mind, an EMT in Cody, WY. In a recent test at West Park Hospital, two EMS crew members safely assisted a 340 pound man to his feet with relative ease. The dynamic nature of the design allows the “lifters” to gain a secure grip while being positioned to make a proper lift. Doing this protects them from injury and provides the patient the dignity of being helped without invading personal space.

The company offers two models, the MX & XLT to accommodate different sized patients. The harness is made from Cordura Denier 1000 nylon and 2″ polypropylene web strapping. Each harness weighs less than 3 lbs and can accommodate patients from 34″- 62″ and 58″- 82″ chest size.

Lighthouse Innovations LLC was founded in July, 2012 for the express purpose of introducing the Binder E-Z Lift harness to the health care industry. For more information and to see the device in action please visit the company’s website @

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