Physio-Control Introduces Cloud-based LIFENET System-to-ePCR Connectivity

REDMOND, Wash. — Physio-Control, the world leader in emergency medical response technologies, today announced enhancements to the LIFENET System, enabling direct server-to-server connectivity between LIFENET and electronic patient care reporting (ePCR) vendor systems via the cloud. This improved functionality will enable emergency medical service (EMS) and hospital providers using LIFENET and LIFEPAK monitors/defibrillators to deliver patient data directly to the ePCR application of their choice, making it easier for caregivers to collect and mobilize patient data for improved patient care and operational efficiency.

Using the LIFEPAK software development kit (SDK), ePCR vendors can quickly and easily develop and implement direct server-to-server integration of LIFEPAK device data into their ePCR system records. This improved workflow eliminates the need for cumbersome cable connections between LIFEPAK devices and PCs/tablets or the need for Bluetooth, helping improve continuity of care and making the process more caregiver and patient-friendly.

“Capturing and mobilizing patient data is quickly becoming the standard of care for improving patient outcomes and has proven key to improving system performance,” said Brian Webster, president and CEO, Physio-Control. “Our customers want flexibility in how they move data from their LIFEPAK monitors. This new capability will take advantage of a variety of LIFENET Gateway connection options, further demonstrating the LIFENET System’s role as the backbone of the Physio-Control System of Care.”

The direct server-to-server functionality has been in beta testing with a handful of ePCR partners for the past 18 months to ensure system reliability. ePCR vendors interested in implementing cloud integration with the LIFEPAK SDK should contact: or +1-800-732-3081. EMS and hospital systems interested in implementing the direct LIFENET server-to-ePCR server connection should have their ePCR provider contact their local Physio-Control representative or call +1-800-442-1142.

About the LIFENET System
The LIFENET System is a cloud-based data management network from Physio-Control that helps EMS and hospital teams work together more efficiently and measure outcomes. LIFENET provides care teams with advanced tools for quick, reliable access to critical patient and device data, resulting in improved patient care, ongoing process improvement and greater operational efficiency. Today, more emergency medical response teams utilize the LIFENET data management network more than any other, with more than 1,500 hospitals and 30,000 LIFEPAK devices connected to it. Last year, LIFENET recorded more than 3 million data transmissions with 99.999% system uptime. LIFENET Gateway customer connection options include 3G, Wi-Fi Audio and now 3G and Wi-Fi in the same module.

About Physio-Control
Physio-Control, Inc. is headquartered in Redmond, Washington. The company operates in over 100 countries and is the world’s leading provider of professional emergency medical response solutions that predict or intervene in life threatening emergencies. To learn more visit, or connect with us at,– or @PhysioControl.

ePCR Partner and Customer Testimonials
“Obtaining a rapid 12 Lead EKG at the patient side and then getting that data to the receiving facility is the right decision for excellent patient care. We needed a better solution than Bluetooth and cable to connect our EKG monitors to computers. Chesapeake Fire Department was looking for a state-of-the-art approach to increase our EKG integration efficiency and we’re very excited to be among the first agencies to use it.” — Fire Chief Edmund Elliott, Chesapeake Fire Department

“The ability to import EKG data directly into the emsCharts web interface has been extremely popular with our customers. We have over 100 agencies using the feature within months of making it publicly available. The feedback from our customers has been very positive. We’re very pleased to offer this collaborative feature that streamlines the data collection process while creating a more complete patient record for our customers.” — Pete Goutmann, president, emsCharts, Inc.

“The LIFEPAK SDK is definitely easy to use. We used code from our existing application interface with Physio-Control and with very few edits we were able to make it work for the web interface. Case processing is easy and relatively straight forward. They notify us that the case is ready, we pick it up, pull out the events, pull out the images, and put it into the system. Information such as waveform images is already packaged nicely so we don’t have to assemble this for the customer.” — Branden Simbeck, software developer, emsCharts, Inc.

“As an ePCR vendor, we strive to make the integration of monitor data into the iPCR system as easy and seamless as possible for our end users. Working with the Physio-Control team on the integration of LIFEPAK monitors with our iPCR system has been great! They were extremely responsive to our needs and worked with us every step of the way to make sure the integration we are providing was not only easy and seamless for our clients, but that it was also developed to a level that Physio-Control themselves are excited to suggest to their own customers. As a result, our end users appreciate the ease with which data can be imported into iPCR from LIFEPAK devices, eliminating the need for manual, or double, documentation of critical patient vitals, treatment and medication data.” — Sushil Kamble, engineering manager, Forte Holdings

“This is a true cloud-based solution that doesn’t require any special software to be installed on the computers in the field. With this integration, the software is always up-to-date in ImageTrend’s secure hosting environment.” — Kevin Ketcher, software developer IV,  ImageTrend, Inc.

“Linking Physio-Control’s LIFENET System with emsCharts EKG to Web import was an easy process. Physio-Control and emsCharts walked me through the steps and we were up and running in less than 30 minutes. The ability to upload the code summary files from LIFEPAK 12/15’s to emsCharts has taken our documentation to the next level. Staff love the reduction in documentation times and increase in documentation accuracy. Their vitals, actions and EKG’s are imported and attached with the click of 2 buttons in emsCharts. The ED staff and cardiologist find the timely submission of the monitor data and EKG’s invaluable to patient care. Finally, for TQM processes, having access to the CODE-STAT suite PCO file attached to the emsCharts has given us invaluable data to drive our patient care based on science and facts vs. anecdotal data and speculations.” — Alan Henschke, director of EMS, Norwalk Hospital EMS

“The EKG import feature really improves charting and cuts down on the amount of time to do chart. It provides both needed and useful documentation and allows for a much improved chart.” — Jay Northup, software administrator, University Hospitals (Ohio)

“The LIFEPAK SDK allowed onScene to quickly develop a seamless cloud-to-cloud integration of all LIFEPAK data into our onScene ePCR records. onScene is now able to include all LIFEPAK event images in every merged report, including 12-lead recordings, rhythm events and code marked events, as well as a direct link to the LIFENET record for the merged report.” — Kelin Buckley, operations manager, World Advancement of Technology for EMS and Rescue (WATER)

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