New Barcode Parsing Feature Accelerates Connectivity

ImageTrend, Inc. introduces a new barcode scanning and parsing feature within ImageTrend Elite™ to streamline the data sharing capabilities with hospital systems. The power of this technology embedded directly within Elite and paired with Health Information Hub™ (HIH) ensures timely and accurate data exchange between hospitals, building the bridge for matching hospital records and receiving outcome data.

Using the device’s native camera, this feature allows users to scan various types of codes including barcodes and 2D QR codes with no additional equipment. Then, that data is automatically parsed into existing data elements or fields that can be mapped to other system’s data formats. The scanned in data points are immediately available to be printed within a PDF or sent to the ImageTrend Hospital Hub™ or HIE, which can connect to your hospital system.

“We developed this feature to cater to the data nuances of the medical industry and to connect systems that haven’t been compatible in the past,” commented Nick Spring, Product Manager for Elite. “Scanning a medical record number off of a hospital face sheet or patient band has never been easier.”

There’s historically been a high risk of inaccuracy when typing patient’s medical record numbers out by hand, but the advanced ability of this feature to consume various barcode types with different data formats saves time for both EMS and hospital personnel and reduces data errors for patient care.

For any questions, or more information regarding the barcode scanning and parsing feature within Elite or the data sharing capabilities of HIH, email

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