The National Ambulance Service of Ghana Outfitted with Ferno 26″AS Cots

WILMINGTON — April 2012 — Ferno, a global manufacturer of emergency patient handling equipment, proudly announces the Model 26″AS Cot will be in each of the new ambulances purchased by the National Ambulance Service of Ghana.

Ghana is faced with high mortality rates resulting from a high frequency of traffic accidents and a delay in reaching maternal care. The government of Ghana recognized a need to improve the EMS services for its population of more than 24 million people. Today they operate 24 stations throughout the country, and have ordered 161 new ambulances.

The German government has provided Ghana with a loan for these vehicles, specifying that they be German manufactured and built. Volkswagen was chosen for the chassis and WASSanimed as the ambulance builder. This is the first project of its type for Germany, but they believe others will follow.

Ferno was pleased to be included in this new endeavor with the inclusion of the 26″AS cot in each ambulance as well as other patient handling equipment.

For more information on Ferno or their products visit or call 877.733.0911.

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