MedaPoint, Inc. Announces AdvanceOneâ„¢ Product Suite, AdvanceCareâ„¢ ePCR

AUSTIN, Texas — Texas-based EMS software company MedaPoint, Inc. announces its new 100% Web-based, end-to-end solution, AdvanceOne. The fully-integrated product suite comes to fruition with the unveiling of the company’s new ePCR (Electronic Patient Care Report) application, AdvanceCare. With this development, AdvanceOne comes full circle, facilitating the complete patient-care cycle — from dispatch to care documentation to billing — through one secure cloud-based system.

“MedaPoint’s now end-to-end solution is simple, integrated and intuitive,” said MedaPoint CEO John Dadey. “Our system is easy to learn and implement, requiring minimal training and little upfront investment compared to other solutions.”

AdvanceOne is comprised of three fully-integrated Web-based EMS applications — AdvanceDispatch, a dispatch operations and fleet management solution; AdvanceCare, the new ePCR application; and AdvanceClaim, an EMS billing solution. Each of the applications can be utilized as standalone solutions, as well as within the context of one cohesive workflow solution.

According to MedaPoint President Eric Becker, the company’s breakthrough technology allows EMS staffs to address the entire patient cycle through a single, seamless interface, from any location at any time. Elimination of redundancy and human error also shifts the focus from data-entry to informed decision-making.

“EMS practitioners will no longer have to use multiple systems or deal with paperwork,” Becker said. “All patient data will be centralized through this product suite, improving efficiencies and giving EMS businesses what they need to excel in the competitive industry landscape.”

AdvanceCare Product Director Billy Craft stated that the new secure, cloud-based ePCR will automate workflows and simplify the care documentation process, which has traditionally been completed on paper or through a standalone software application. With AdvanceCare, field crews can log in and share information from any Androidâ„¢ or iOSâ„¢ device, as well as produce ready-to-bill claims through one-click NEMSIS 3 export.

“We are building AdvanceCare using the best available technology to create the best experience possible for users of an EMS documentation system,” Craft said.  “Users include field providers, supervisory staff, administrators and all other stake-holders within the scope of an agency’s documentation system.”

The AdvanceOne platform will be available using a pay-as-you-go model. It will be accessible from any device, at any time and from any location. Enterprise-level security and ongoing HIPAA, ICD-10 and HITECH compliance will be automated.

Available for sale starting Aug. 1, MedaPoint will publically debut AdvanceOne offering demos at the Pinnacle 2015 EMS Conference in Amelia Island, Fla., from Aug. 3-7.


About MedaPoint

Founded in 2009 and based in Austin, Texas, MedaPoint is revolutionizing emergency medical services by delivering efficient, state-of-the-art billing, ePCR and dispatch solutions which are both affordable and accessible. Built upon groundbreaking technology and dynamic vision, MedaPoint’s applications currently support more than 1,500 private and municipal emergency medical service providers throughout the United States.

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