HeartStation Wins New Product of the Year

PHILADELPHIA–HeartStation received the “New Product of the Year” award at the National Safety Council show in Philadelphia November 1, 2011 for the AED Wireless Locator. The award was presented for the AED/CPR category and the AED Wireless Locator was the only recipient in this product grouping.

About the Product
The Locator, by HeartStation, uses wireless technology to pinpoint the nearest AED (Automated External Defibrillator) in a cardiac emergency. When activated, it triggers a 130 decibel siren and strobe light at the AED site leading rescuers precisely to the AED.
This attractive, eye-catching red heart, slightly larger than a fire alarm, will locate any brand AED at a distance approximately the length of a football field! (Obstructed range through walls & objects 250 feet; unobstructed range 500 feet.)
Multiple Locators can be placed throughout a building: at entrances, next to fire alarms, in common areas, anywhere an AED isn’t visible.
The Locator contains 5 transmitters (shown above) and 1 Receiver. FCC licensed and Patent Pending.

For more information, visit www.heartstation.com.

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