Hamilton Medical Introduces the T1 Transport Ventilator

Reno, NV — The Hamilton T1 ventilator features a compact, powerful design that increases the availability of appropriate modes of therapy for ventilated intensive care patients outside the hospital.  Small enough to fit into any mobile ICU environment, the Hamilton T1 covers the full range of clinical requirements including ventilation with closed loop ventilation, Adaptive Support Ventilation (ASV®) and non-invasive ventilation (NIV).

The Hamilton T1 delivers an ICU ventilation solution in a transportable platform, appropriate for pediatric to adult patients.  In mobile ICU ambulances, helicopters, long-distance ambulance jets, intra-hospital transport, emergency departments, and the ICU, the T1’s fast set-up and easy management ensure the most appropriate treatment for every patient.

The combination of reliability and high performance with advanced lung protective strategies and patient adaptive modes makes it the ultimate choice for extreme environments, where ICU ventilation is a must.  The T1 delivers reliable data and easy-to-follow user guidance for improved patient outcomes, together with low operating costs throughout the working life of the investment.

For more information and download the Hamilton T1 Simulation program, visit www.hamilton-medical.com

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