Foundation Ambulance Welcomes Scott Frazier as Production Manager

Foundation Ambulance, the industry’s newest expert in high-quality emergency vehicle remounting and Type II transits, announced today that EMS veteran Scott Frazier will be joining our team as Production Manager. Frazier brings his 30 years of experience in the field to Foundation, whose goal is to use its cutting-edge remounting facility to build better ambulances at a tremendous value. He has helped revolutionize the way ambulances are designed by focusing on building the safest emergency vehicles in America.

Scott Frazier’s love for the world of custom emergency vehicles comes from his time with Excellance Inc. in Madison, Alabama. Serving as the company’s Electrical Systems Designer, Scott worked to create a wide variety of custom electrical designs that fulfilled clients’ needs. After his work on over 2,000 designs for ambulances and specialty vehicles, Scott became Production Manager where he directed manufacturing operations to ensure a superior quality product while leading a highly motivated team.

Foundation’s remounting facility, where remounts are done in-house, will be even more efficient as Scott steers each department towards the company’s premium standards. Using the best metal workers, carpenters, and electricians in the ambulance industry, every remounted ambulance from Foundation is built to the highest standards with safety in mind. From a state-of-the-art paint booth to one of only two graphics machines capable of printing true orange, Foundation ambulances are customized with the best and newest technology alongside a master’s touch.

In addition to its custom ambulances, Scott’s knowledge in electrical systems design will add an expert touch to Foundation’s future ambitions. To learn more, please visit the official Foundation Ambulance website at

About Foundation Ambulance

Foundation Ambulance, Inc. is a certified, woman-owned small business in Fayetteville, Georgia that remounts ambulances from all manufacturers as well as manufacturing their own brand of Type II Van Ambulances. The employees of Foundation have worked together for decades as the former largest remounter for a quarter of a century. Foundation manufactures 100% of the process in-house including metal fabrication, cabinetry, electrical, upholstery, paint and graphics.


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