First of its Kind CPR Metronome Pen from Lyfetymer

Introducing the ‘first in the world’ CPR Metronome Pen from

The CPR Metronome Pen is a quality, retractable, ball point pen with a built-in CPR metronome that supports the correct cadence of 110 beats per minute for applying hands only CPR chest compressions.

The pen can be used for CPR education, community involvement with CPR, branding & promotion for CPR-related companies, fund raisers, first responder use, and creating awareness of the need for being CPR ready and as a tool to keep the cadence for hands only CPR.

To serve the needs of both professionals and the general public, by providing a guide to doing chest compression until the first responders arrive. To be effective, these chest compressions must a minimum of 100 per minute and no more than 120 per minute. The ‘Sweet Spot’ is 110 per minute, which writeTYMER supports.

The concept of the pen and other products to follow are to raise the awareness of the need for everyone to get involved with CPR as well as to provide a cadence tool in support of ‘hands only chest compressions.

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