emsCharts Announces NEMSIS 3 Certification in South Carolina

Pittsburgh, PA — emsCharts, a leader in Electronic Patient Care Records (ePCR) and Fire Reporting for public safety professionals, is now approved for NEMSIS 3.3.4 submission within the State of South Carolina, ahead of the August 1st deadline. emsCharts has received the following approval from the South Carolina EMS Performance Improvement Center: “emsCharts is approved to begin submitting live version 3.3.4 data to the state of South Carolina.”
emsCharts, a subsidiary of Golden Hour, has been a national leader in NEMSIS compliance for the past 10-years. As documented on the NEMSIS website, emsCharts helped lead NEMSIS Gold Certification (v2.2) many years ago. In addition, emsCharts has been approved for NEMSIS 3 submittals since August 2015. emsCharts has a great deal of experience sending NEMSIS 3 data to many States, including exporting multiple NEMSIS versions simultaneously for a single ePCR record. emsCharts is glad to add South Carolina to the growing lists of States that are certified.

“We are proud to remain leaders in NEMSIS reporting throughout the country and are pleased to add South Carolina to our list of approved States,” said Pete Goutmann, President & CTO of emsCharts. “We remain committed to our thousands of customers who utilize our emsCharts service. And we will remain leaders in regulatory compliance as we continually enhance our product offerings in support of our customers.”

About emsCharts
emsCharts is a leader in providing Electronic Patient Care Record (ePCR) software solutions to support public safety professionals both in the air and on the ground. A wholly owned subsidiary of Golden Hour, emsCharts provides a patented, fully integrated ePCR and Fire reporting system with an intuitive interface and HIPAA compliant infrastructure focused on a continuous commitment to program sustainability and growth. For more information about emsCharts, visit www.emsCharts.com.

About Golden Hour
Golden Hour is the recognized leader in billing and reimbursement within the air medical transportation industry. With its patented, integrated technologies, Golden Hour has compliantly collected billions of dollars on behalf of both air and ground medical transport programs. Golden Hour supports over 80% of the air medical and comprehensive medical transport market with its integrated dispatch, transfer center, and patient care documentation services, in addition to Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) services now fully integrated with emsCharts Web. Golden Hour and emsCharts now offer the only patented, fully integrated solutions for all types of medical transport. For more information about Golden Hour, visit www.GoldenHour.com.

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