CAAS Awards Certificate of Accreditation to Mission Ambulance, Riverside County, (Calif.)

Mission Ambulance was recently awarded a Certificate of Accreditation by the Commission on Accreditation of Ambulance Services (CAAS). The Commission was established to encourage and promote quality patient care in America’s medical transportation system.

An independent group of EMS professionals from across the nation, including a board-certified emergency physician, conducted a comprehensive review of Mission Ambulance. Upon completion of the review, the commission recognized Mission Ambulance for its excellence as defined by the CAAS’s high standards. Mission Ambulance received a perfect score, meaning it meet full compliance for each characteristic of the accreditation process.

Mission Ambulance is the tenth company in California to carry this distinction and accreditation, and California’s only non-9-1-1 provider to achieve this level of excellence.

CAAS Accreditation signifies that your service has met the “gold standard” determined by the ambulance industry to be essential in modern EMS. These standards often exceed those established by state or local regulation. The CAAS standards are designed to help increase operational efficiency and decrease risk and liability across the entire spectrum of the organization. CAAS is sponsored by the American Ambulance Association, the American College of Emergency Physicians, the National Association of EMS Physician, the National Association of State EMS Directors, the National Association of EMTs and the International Association of Fire Chiefs, with liaison representation from The National Highway Transportation Safety Administration.

About Mission Ambulance
Mission Ambulance, a leading provider of non-emergency ambulance transportation (BLS, CCT, Bariatric and Neonatal), provides services in California’s Riverside and Orange counties. Mission is headquartered in Corona, Calif. 

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