AmbuPro EMS 2015 Release Delivers Unique Innovation for PCR and Data Management in EMS

FALL RIVER, MASS.–OCI Software, a leading provider of ePCR software since 1999, today announced the latest release of its AmbuPro EMS ePCR software solution.

AmbuPro EMS 2015 brings incredible efficiency to the electronic patient care reporting process, serves as a reliable guide for accurate and compliant PCRs and streamlines the PCR workflow process. AmbuPro also delivers uncomplicated, robust data analysis and reporting capabilities to EMS services, providers and administrators faced with a variety of data management tasks.

Designed for fast and accurate patient care reporting, outstanding quality assurance, and the highest levels of compliance for both billing and NEMSIS, AmbuPro EMS provides a cutting-edge, cost-effective ePCR solution for crew members, supervisors, administrative and billing staff and more.

The latest release of AmbuPro EMS includes a Logic Panel which serves as a trusted guide to help field users complete accurate PCRs as they work. While working on a PCR, users are immediately alerted to, and guided through, the required and recommended rules (set by the department at any time) related to the specific type of incident they are creating.

In addition, AmbuPro’s new ChronoChart provides crew members with the fastest, easiest, most comprehensive method for completing the PCR and “telling the story” of the incident in the order that it took place. On one screen, providers can add times, vital signs, medications, procedures, assessments and more and see the chronological view of the entire run report as they are charting.  Crew members can review their entries as they go and fix any errors immediately. Visibility results in efficiency and accuracy.

With AmbuPro EMS Search and Report, unlimited search capabilities enable supervisors and administrators to hone into exactly the data they need to review and analyze. Easily select the data points you want to review with the quick click selection tools that enable reports that have multiple and very specific conditions. These tools enable fast data search and analysis, freeing up countless hours of data collection, analysis and report creation.

“AmbuPro EMS is packed with innovative new tools that take the frustration out of the patient care reporting and data management process,” says Douglas Furtado, Chief Operating Officer for OCI Software. “For more than 16 years our focus has been on providing the absolute best end user PCR experience with insight from our loyal customers, our own staff EMTs and Medics and other EMS providers who have shared their ePCR woes. AmbuPro EMS 2015 is the result of continuous innovation and quality improvement based on that feedback.”

About OCI Software

OCI Software ( is a premier software development and technology consulting firm and Microsoft Certified Partner entering its 35th year of providing cutting-edge information technology solutions.  Based in Fall River, Massachusetts, OCI Software currently serves hundreds of firms, including SMBs, Fortune 500 corporations, and public sector agencies.  Utilizing a staff of experienced, dedicated, and highly skilled technology and industry professionals, OCI Software continues to develop its best-in-class electronic patient care reporting (ePCR) product, AmbuPro EMS.

AmbuPro EMS ( is the most dependable, powerful, easy to use NEMSIS Gold Certified electronic patient care reporting (ePCR) software solution developed for serious ambulance professionals.  With AmbuPro EMS ePCR software, ambulance organizations gain visibility and control, increase efficiency and compliance, and improve their level of service to the community, all while reducing costs and legal risk.

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