Acadian Provides Disaster Kits to Schools

Acadian donated 12 disaster kits with items that can help save lives in a critical situation.

“In the past, all of our medical supplies were in one central location in the nurse’s office,” Director of School Health Kim Kuklies said. “In a lockdown situation, the nurse’s office is not accessible, so we wanted to bring emergency supplies closer to those in need.”

Mrs. Kuklies said it has been a long-term goal of hers to get kits prepared and placed throughout the local campuses, but funding hadn’t been available.

“We were just meeting with Acadian as they are new members in our community,” she said. “They were asking what kind of things we need as a community and as a school district, and I just far-fetched one of my long-term goals.

“I wanted to add to our emergency response system and have some emergency kits if there was ever a disaster situation,” she said.

Acadian Business Development Coordinator Damon Faught said Mrs. Kuklies’ words struck an important point.

“It really caught my ear whenever you mentioned the fact that your biggest interest was making sure the kids are taken care of,” Faught said. “That really caught my attention.”

He said the disaster kits were an appropriate item to give.

“It’s only appropriate, being the local ambulance provider, that we work with the school system,” Faught said. “And the overall goal is to take care of the students and kids, and to provide the kits to make them very well equipped with the necessary items.”

The Lampasas ISD will purchase eight additional kits and then supplement each with items designed to treat students with illnesses or medical conditions like diabetes.

Inside each bag are a myriad of items including CPR kits, eye pads, gauze rolls, splints, dressings and more. The district will add things such as glucose tablets, water, a whistle, and a first aid notebook to each.

Acadian Regional Vice President Troy Mayer said he has one idea for the disaster kits.

“Our hope and desire is that these bags will do nothing but gather dust,” he said.

Superintendent Dr. Randall Hoyer echoed those comments, and thanked the organization for helping students through the donation.

“On behalf of the schools, I say thank you very much,” Hoyer said. “I extremely appreciate this.”

Mrs. Kuklies estimated each kit is worth $150, making the donation worth close to $2,000.

School employees will undergo training, and the kits will be placed in strategic locations inside the campuses, she said. 

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