Hatzalah Rescue of Israel

Hatzalah Rescue volunteers are professionally trained medical personnel who provide medical care all over Israel. As Israel’s enemies continue to attack Hatzalah Rescue volunteers are on high alert. In addition to the daily saving of lives Hatzalah Rescue has 1,500 volunteers divided into 14 different units throughout the country from the south to north in Israel’s most isolated and dangerous areas. These volunteers are on call 24/7 and range from regular civilians to paramedics and policemen. All volunteers are approved by the Israeli police and trained by Israel Defense Forces. There is no respite for these heroes who persist in their mission, risking their lives in order to provide life-saving aid.With casualties rising everyday in a country perpetually under threat, and the constant need for emergency medicine in remote areas of the country, it is imperative that our teams receive the necessary supplies immediately. We don’t need to feel helpless in the face of terror and your contributions will literally be saving lives.

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