EMS ‘Legend’ Gene Gandy Passes Away

Gene Gandy

William E. “Gene” Gandy, JD, LP, NREMT-P, a legend in the emergency medical services world, passed away at his Arizona home yesterday after an illness.

Gandy’s experience as an attorney made him a remarkable EMS educator, author and speaker, according to JEMS Executive Editor Mike McEvoy.

“Gene’s wit and common sense approach to EMS endeared him to others,” McEvoy said. “He was never bashful about sharing his opinion.”

“As a paramedic and educator, Gene was passionate about lifelong learning and his example inspired others to continually keep abreast of their profession,” McEvoy added. “Despite EMS being his second career, his contributions have been enormous and his legacy will last forever.”

EMS blogger Kelly Grayson said Gandy made peace with his illness and said goodbye to his friends before his death.

“He would not want us to mourn his passing, certainly not to pray for his soul, or to hope ‘he is in a better place.’ He cared little for such sentiments,” Grayson wrote on Facebook.

“Instead, he’d want us to be kinder to each other, to rededicate ourselves to being stewards of our profession, and to strive towards the scholarship, professionalism and compassion he thought every EMT should embody,” Grayson added.

No funeral services are planned.

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