FDNY Medics Rescue Drowning Woman

NEW YORK – At approximately 7 a.m. on July 20, Rescue Paramedics from Station 4, Niall O’Shaughnessy and Moses Nelson, responded to a report of a person in the water at Pier 25 in Manhattan. Paramedics O’Shaughnessy and Nelson quickly responded to the scene and found members of the Parks Department had thrown the patient a flotation device and were attempting to remove her from the water.

“I realized that she was exhausted and she was having a hard time handling the life ring properly” Paramedic O’Shaughnessy said. “I was worried she was about to go under water for good.”
Paramedic O’Shaughnessy plunged off the pier into the 25-foot deep water to help the drowning patient.à‚  He swam to the patient, calmed her down, began medical assessment and helped keep her stable with the flotation device.

“She was very nervous initially but I told her additional FDNY members were coming to help her,” said Paramedic O’Shaughnessy.

At the same time, Paramedic Nelson coordinated rescue efforts from the shore, contacting FDNY Fireboat Marine 1-Alpha and helping direct it to the exact location where Paramedic O’Shaughnessy and the patient were located.

Paramedic Nelson added, “As a Rescue Paramedic, we are trained for this. We shouldn’t be considered heroes, this is our job.”

Paramedic O’Shaughnessy and Firefighters from Marine Company 1 brought the patient into the boat and transported her to shore for further medical care.à‚  Another arriving ambulance then transported the patient to the hospital.

This is the second rescue that Paramedic O’Shaughnessy has been involved in on the Hudson River.à‚  In August 2014, he helped save a patient in cardiac arrest during the New York City Triathlon.

“Everyone in this job wants to help somebody, it’s our second nature,” said Paramedic O’Shaughnessy.

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