FDNY Honors Fire and EMS Bravery in Medal Day Ceremony

June 3, FDNY celebrated its 146th annual Medal Day in a ceremony at New York City Hall. Mayor Bill de Blasio and Fire Commissioner Daniel A. Nigro presided at the ceremony, which honored 13 Fire Officers, 1 Fire Marshal, 26 Firefighters, two Emergency Medical Service (EMS) Officers, four paramedics, and four Emergency Medical Technicians (EMTs), as well as four Fire companies that were awarded unit medals.

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FDNY Photos: 146th Medal Day Ceremony

“It doesn’t just mean so much in terms of the work that these individuals do every day, and have done – those before them – for 150 years, protecting the people of this city, keeping this city whole,” said Mayor Bill de Blasio. “It’s part of what makes us proud as New Yorkers – this extraordinary department…It epitomizes the strength, the resiliency, the bravery, the professionalism, the sense of innovation – all of which we see is part of what is great about New York City, what we are proud of as New Yorkers – the very characteristics that make us proud to say this is our home.”

In total, 71 members of FDNY were awarded medals for their discipline, courage and honesty in protecting life and property in New York City.

“Today, in this historic year for FDNY, we celebrate the bright future of our job and the extraordinary actions our members take each day to save lives,” said Fire Commissioner Daniel A. Nigro. “In our storied history, countless lives have been saved, and as we march forward, we will continue to work and train hard, and we will always make good on our promise to the people of New York to go into the danger and save lives.”

The triennial Dr. Harry M. Archer Medal was awarded to Firefighter Kevin J. Hogan of Ladder Company 114 in Brooklyn, after receiving the James Gordon Bennett Medal in 2011, for repeatedly reentering a fire and rescuing some of 31 people saved that morning.

This year’s James Gordon Bennett medal was awarded to Captain William J Grant of Staten Island Engine Company 168, for rescuing his neighbors while off-duty after smelling fire in their home.

This year, for the first time ever, medals were awarded to three probationary firefighters – Jordan C. Sullivan of Ladder Company 105, Justin L. Tallett of Ladder 107, and Marlon Q. Sahai of Ladder 9.

“It’s a true honor to be included in this,” said Chelsea Barnett “I, literally, can thank him for my life – it’s just something really special.” Barnett was rescued by Probationary Firefighter Marlon Q. Sahai on August 17, 2014, having been trapped in a burning apartment in the East Village.

“It’s nice to see her smiling and see her here, it’s a beautiful day and so I appreciate her and her family come and celebrate it with us,” said Sahai. “And am just glad that she is okay and can continue doing what she has with her life now.”

EMTs Shaun Alexander and Kadijah Hall from Station 58 were awarded the Christopher J. Prescott Medal for assisting a Police Officer who was shot while they were off-duty in Brooklyn. “Good thing that they were there,” said Police Officer James Li. “They could have drove away, not get involved, but they stayed and they helped me.”

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