EMTs Save Boy After Father Cuts Off Ambulance

CBS Boston


METHUEN, Mass. — Two EMTs rushing to a call were surprised when their rig was cut off by an SUV, only to find the man behind the wheel called 911 first.

Turns out, it was the same call.

The father jumped out carrying his 8-year-old son after the boy hit his head while diving into the family’s pool this week, CBS Boston reports. The father pulled his son out and called 911, but decided to drive to the hospital instead.

The two EMTs immediately went into rescue mode, performing life-saving measures to the boy on the street after stopping traffic.

“The traffic thing was crazy. I’ve never experienced that,” EMT Luis Nigaglioni told the news station. “He was just able to say his name, so that was enough for us to know he was alright.”

The boy was breathing and alert when he was taken to Lawrence General Hospital, according to the report.

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