Disturbing Note Left on Ambulance Windshield

The above note was left on an ambulance in England. (Photo Facebook/Your Southend)

A note left on the windshield of an ambulance responding to an emergency call in England is going viral.

“Don’t care if you’re an ambulance you can’t block people’s driveways!” the note read. “Either ask or”¦ come out when we beep the horn for 10 minutes.”

The note was posted to a local English Facebook group called “Your Southend” and was first reported by the Daily Mirror.

The note caused a stir online.

“I just hope one day this person doesn’t need medical attention from an ambulance!” one commenter wrote. “The NHS [National Health Service] and other emergency services do an amazing job and don’t need grief from people like this!”

Said another commenter: “The ambulance service and paramedics do a wonderful job. Unbelievable how some people have no consideration. One day it might be for them or their family.”

The person who wrote the note is not known.

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