DHS Reminds EMS, Public Safety Personnel to Exercise Awareness

The FBI and Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has issued reminders to all law enforcement personnel and first responders to exercise an increased level of domain awareness and vigilance in response to the attacks on military personnel in Canada, and law enforcement officers in the United States.  Calls for violence are being made by an Islamic extremist group known both as the Islamic State (ISIS/ISIL). Threats have been made to target government, military, and law enforcement personnel here in the United States —- possibly at their residences.  These calls for violence are in retaliation for United States lead air-strikes in Iraq and Syria.

Homegrown violent extremists (HVEs) could be motivated by these calls and could carry out acts of terror here in the Homeland.  Due to the highly personalized nature of radicalization, it is difficult to identify a trigger that will lead to an individual going operational and attempting an act of violence. HVEs present law enforcement with a unique challenge in regards to detection and activity disruption since many of the plots are simple and highly opportunistic. 

Important to note —- HVEs may exhibit signs of radicalization to friends, family, and on social media.  However, it is also believed that some may simply utilize ISIS/ISIL’s calls for jihad as an excuse to justify violence.  Suspicious behavior should be reported to local law enforcement or the local FBI office.

Partners are once again reminded to maintain constant awareness of their surroundings and employ a high index of suspicion to those who occupy it.  Caution and vigilance should be utilized in settings where public safety officials or military members may congregate.  Utilize social media cautiously; it is highly discouraged to post anything where details about your profession, equipment, tactics, or whereabouts can be extrapolated.  In a recent case, both an Air Force serviceman and his teenage son were targeted via social media.

Any questions can be directed to Tac-Med at info@tac-med.org.

Tac-Med, LLC is committed to increasing the safety and security of our law enforcement, military, EMS, and fire service colleagues. Please familiarize yourself with this content and share with your emergency service partners.  Tac-Med, LLC will disperse these open source bulletins as information becomes available.

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