Dallas Paramedic Fired after Kicking Homeless Man in Face

A screenshot of what lead up to the incident.
A screenshot of what lead up to the incident.

Brad Cox, a Dallas paramedic captured on video kicking a homeless man in the face during a call, has been fired, according to multiple reports.

Dallas Fire Rescue Spokesman Jason Evans said Cox was “no longer a member of the department” as of Friday, according to NBC Dallas Fort Worth. Evans declined to provide any further information on the personnel matter.

Cox, a trained MMA fighter, had been on leave from the department since September when The Dallas Morning News began asking questions over the incident involving Kyle Vess, a homeless man.

According to body camera footage previously released, the video showed Cox kicked Vess in front of police officers and goaded him to fight. Officers reported Cox to the police department’s public integrity unit.

Police determined Cox had acted in self-defense because Vess first approached Cox and Vess threw an object at Cox but missed.

Last week, prosecutors filed a motion to dismiss assault charges against Vess. Vess’ lawyer said Vess was grateful the charge from 2019 was dismissed but called on police to arrest Cox.

Vess’ family has a lawsuit against the city.


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