CPR App Helps Washington EMT Save Infant

SPOKANE, Wash. (KDVR) – A mechanic in Spokane, Wash., learned a child was suffering a medical emergency through a smartphone app and was able to help keep the baby alive, KXLY reported.

A store clerk at a dance shop heard a baby was turning blue and called 911.

“When you hear that you just pick up the phone and call 911, so I did that and I saw her and she was just saying, “˜He’s not breathing, he’s not breathing,'” Lesley Reckord said.

Reckord began rescue breathing. Jeff Olson, who is a master technician at a tire shop and a volunteer EMT, learned of the distressed baby through the smartphone app Pulse Point. The app alerted Olson because GPS determined he was within two blocks of where the 911 call was placed.

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