Compact Tactical Crocothyrotomy Kit with Bougie Contains Everything Needed to Perform Lifesaving Emergency Procedure

Ordinary, Virginia: From H&H Medical Corporation, provider of Emergency Medical solutions to the military and civilian first responders for over fifteen years, introduces the H&H Tactical Cricothyrotomy Kit, a lightweight, compact kit designed to provide everything needed by trained personnel to quickly address the Emergent Surgical Airway under extreme adverse conditions.

The H&H Tactical Cricothyrotomy Kit comes in a small, lightweight, rugged package:
“¢ Sterile Scalpel #10 blade
“¢ Endotracheal tube, 6.0 mm, with positive stop, cuffed for maintaining an open airway
“¢ 35 cm Bougie introducer
“¢ 10cc syringe for inflation of airway cuff
“¢ Curved Crile Hemostat for clamping or opening
“¢ Tracheal Hook
“¢ Twill Cotton Tape for stabilizing the airway.

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An emergency cricothyrotomy is a surgical procedure used to gain prompt access to a compromised or inaccessible airway. A recent study showed the three-step cricothyroidotomy is a faster procedure, potentially resulting in less end-organ hypoxia and better chances for long-term survival.1 The H&H Tactical Cricothyrotomy Kit provides the tools needed to perform this procedure in extreme circumstances.

H&H Medical Corporation produces innovative, cost-effective military-grade medical bandages and trauma solutions based out of its factory headquarters in Ordinary, VA. Nearly fifteen years ago, President Dr. Robert H. Harder, a professional engineer with years of government and contracting experience, brought H&H to the combat first aid environment for the Marine Corps. Now, the company works closely with military, civilian and commercial customers to engineer and develop smart and affordable real-world solutions.

The H&H Tactical Cricothyrotomy Kit is available for sale to medical professional only. For more information, please contact H&H Medical. Additional product and sales information can be found at

1Quick JA, MacIntyre AD, Barnes SL. Emergent Surgical Airway: Comparison of the three-step method and conventional cricothyroidotomy utilizing high-fidelity simulation. The J of Emergency Medicine, 2014 (46) 2, 304-307


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