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JEMS.com Editor’s Note: JEMS News Editor Mannie Garza wrote the original story about Dr. Inaba’s discovery that the BeeGee’s song “Stayin’ Alive” could be a good timer for keeping accurate chest commpressions. Click here to read the 2006 JEMS article Stayin Alive & Compliant.”

LITTLE SILVER, N.J. — In a recession economy, American families are cutting all but the most essential expenditures. Optional, or discretionary, items are the first to go.

But Farley Boyle, founder and executive director of C.H.A.S.E. for Life (CPR, Heimlich, Awareness, Safety Education), a non-profit organization that educates anyone with a hand on a child in basic life saving skills, believes that life-saving resources should be FREE not optional – especially during a recession — and her organization is offering them to everyone for free.

Besides offering resources for free, Ms. Boyle’s organization has given CPR/Heimlich a facelift by removing the barriers that confront anyone who wants to learn. Ms. Boyle says, “Certification is a commitment. It takes time and costs money. CPR makes people anxious and nervous. We take the opposite approach by making life-saving education as brief and user-friendly as possible as demonstrated in all of our resources. They’re attractive, and trendy.”

Her first step was the production of “How to Save a Life,” an animated film themed to the Bee Gee’s immortal hit, “Stayin’ Alive.” Granted rights to the tune, Ms. Boyle birthed an iconic cartoon character, “Paddy the Penguin.” Paddy educates viewers through the use of repetition, visual demonstration, graphic buzz words and original song.

Ms. Boyle, whose daughter survived a near-drowning in 2005 because her husband had taken a for-pay, elective infant/child CPR course, said, “I decided to give back by making a positive out of a negative thanks to our happy ending. It proves that CPR really works, whether you are certified or not.”

“We will change the statistics in this country by providing free prevention education and awareness campaigns.” Ms. Boyle added, “If you can remember 20% of what you see in the film, you will have an 80% chance of saving a life. Children’s bodies reignite with just a spark due to their size.”

Today, C.H.A.S.E. for Life’s “Stayin’ Alive” campaign is spreading throughout the U.S. All of their life-saving resources are also available in Spanish, and Ms. Boyle’s campaign for mandatory, free CPR/Heimlich instruction for all families with newborn babies is proliferating through hospital systems and corporations including Johnson & Johnson, The American Red Cross, Aetna and other strategic partners. Visit http://www.chaseforlife.org/ to obtain free life-saving materials.

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