Cataldo Ambulance Opens a New Maintenance Center in MA

The company expanded its base there to more than 10,000 square feet.

According to a report from ItemLive, Cataldo Ambulance Service has opened its North Shore fleet operations center on Stetson Street in Lynn, Massachusetts, Tuesday morning, expanding its base there to more than 10,000 square feet. 

The facility was officially opened with a ribbon-cutting ceremony attended by Cataldo Ambulance representatives, Lynn Mayor Thomas M. McGee, Lynn Fire Department (LFD) Chief Stephen Archer and Lieutenant Joseph Zukas, and other fire and police chiefs from the surrounding area. 

Cataldo will begin servicing vehicles in the new center this week. The company has owned the building for several years, but it spent the past six months renovating the garage, which was previously used for storage, as its maintenance center.  

Dennis Cataldo, the company’s chief executive officer, said the project has been in the works for some time, adding that a lot of planning and work went into making the center spacious and operable. 

The company was started by Cataldo’s parents 43 years ago and has expanded to serve 17 communities throughout the Boston and the North Shore area. 

Cataldo’s North Shore Division will use the new center to service ambulances; wheelchair vans; buses; and smart-care vehicles, the latter of which will offer at-home services, which has seen a spike in use during the pandemic. The smart-care vehicles offer at-home paramedic services as a means to avoid hospital visits and respond to around 1,000 patients per month and can do invasive procedures.  

Kevin Turner, Cataldo’s chief operating officer, said the company now owns 11 smart-care vehicles, one of just two Massachusetts companies licensed to offer this service. 

The new fleet operations center will also provide services to the company’s recently-acquired Tango-2 vehicle. This truck goes to the scene of a fire or major incident to provide support for firefighters and emergency personnel with oxygen, food and water, towels and whatever else is needed. 

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