Bartlesville (OK) EMT Dies from COVID-19

A picture of Stan Wilson
Stan Wilson (Photo/Bartlesville Ambulance Service)

A procession of ambulances, police cruisers and fire apparatus accompanied the body of a Bartlesville (OK) EMT from the hospital to the funeral home Monday after losing his battle with COVID-19.

It is believed Stan Wilson contracted the disease from his mother earlier in the month. She died from the virus on September 12, the Examiner-Enterprise reported.

Wilson had been with the department for 21 years and was known as a dedicated responder, said Bartlesville Ambulance Service Administrator Dan Bolton.

“It comes too close to home, Bolton said. “It makes COVID very real. Our guys are exposed to it almost every day, to COVID patients. We thought we were through the worst of it, then it came back again. We never expected to have a death. Almost all of our guys have gotten COVID … Stan was the only one who didn’t survive it.”

Service arraignments are pending.


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