Audio: Manhattan Ferry Crash

Posted by alertpage on YouTube – Manhattan NY Wall Street Pier 11 Crash of the “Seastreak Wall Street” into the pier. There were 326 passengers on board. 57 were injured. There were 25 minor injured walking wounded, 25 moderate, 5 serious and 2 critical.

FDNY Manhattan radio traffic is included, edited with removal of “dead air” and irrelevant traffic.

A 10-60 is the FDNY code for a Major Emergency (Bldg collapse, train wreck, etc.) which triggers the dispatching of 8 Engines, 5 Ladders (one being the FAST Unit), 6 Battalion Chiefs (3rd due chief is Safety Officer; 6th due chief is Resource Unit Leader), 2 Deputy Chiefs, 2 Rescue Companies, 2 Collapse Units, 2 SOC Support Trucks, SOC logistics van, Squad 1 with is Technical Response Vehicle, 1 additional Squad, Rescue Battalion, Haz-Mat Battalion, Safety Battalion, Field Communications Unit, Satellite Unit with its associated Engine, RAC Unit, and a Mobile Command Center.. Also, a Battalion responds and meets NYPD Aviation to provide Air Recon. Dozens of EMS units also responded to the Mass Casualty Incident declared by Medical Command.

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