8th FDNY Member Passes Away from COVID-19

Idris Bey (Photo/FDNY)

The FDNY is mourning the loss of Emergency Medical Technician Idris Bey, 60, from COVID-19.

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Bey was a 27-year veteran of EMS, a responder to the rescue and recovery efforts at the World Trade Center, and was assigned to the FDNY EMS Bureau of Training since 2002. At the Academy at Fort Totten, EMT Bey was a CFR instructor and taught emergency medical care, the fire department said.

Bey began his career assigned to Station 35 in Williamsburg in 1993. After nine years in Brooklyn, he was assigned to the EMS Training Academy at Fort Totten for nearly two decades. He is survived by his four children.

Bey is the 8th member of the department to die from COVID-19. Seven members, including Bey, have been announced publicly. One member’s family has requested anonymity.

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