One Step Closer to Drones in EMS

As with many other products and devices, the military is often the leader in adopting innovations that can bring care and medical supplies to troops as soon as possible to save lives.

Such is the case with MASH units, splinting/functional tourniquets, wound clot, and packing dressings.

Now the United States military is working with a reputable start-up company in California to have medical supplies dropped from the air by a specialized drone that is much different than quadcopters we have been seeing in development.

The military concept will use a free-flying small aircraft drone that will drop a parachuted package at a specific geolocation in variable weather conditions. It is an important aspect for the military, as well as EMS.

Imagine a mass casualty in a rural area where there are limited supplies, limited tourniquets, and other wound-closure products.

The delivery of plasma, extra supplies, and other lifesaving devices to specific locations on the battlefield, as well as in civilian environments, will be a welcomed addition.

Stay tuned as JEMS continues to cover the development of this and other drone-related projects.



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