MedStar Nurse Triage System Shows Results in Texas

FORT WORTH (CBSDFW.COM) — If emergency room visits came with reward points, Angela Cormier of Fort Worth would be platinum plus: unable to control her chronic asthma.

“All of the time, a constant, all of the time, it was in and out of the emergency room, says Cormier. “Nobody wants to go the emergency room because they don’t have health care”¦ but, how was I going to be able to breathe?”

But, now, Fort Worth-based MedStar has been working to help the E/R and ambulance “˜super users’ find more economical and effective ways to access healthcare.

“These programs have gone way beyond our expectations,” says Matt Zavadsky, MedStar’s Public Affairs Director. “They are all designed to help prevent an unnecessary 911 call, an unnecessary E/R visit and prevent an unnecessary hospitalization: and it’s done all of that.”

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