MedStar Implements Deployable Stop the Bleed Kits

MedStar has developed six duffle bags that contain 40 Stop the Bleed kits that can be deployed quickly to help treat trauma victims. (Photo MedStar)

FORT WORTH, Texas — Stop the Bleed kits save lives when disaster strikes. But how do you know when and where you’ll need the kits?

MedStar has developed an answer to that question by assembling six specialized duffle bags, each containing 40 Stop the Bleed kits that can be deployed to bystanders in the field to help them treat trauma victims.

The kits have been placed in all MedStar supervisor response vehicles, with additional kits available to be used during mass gatherings such as events at Texas Motor Speedway.

MedStar recommends that Stop the Bleed kits be available everywhere, just like fire extinguishers and Automated External Defibrillators (AEDs). Having these field-deployable duffle bags as an added resource will be exceptionally valuable when the unthinkable happens, the agency said in a press release.

The kits were funded through a $10,000 grant from the North Texas Regional Trauma Advisory Council (NCTTRAC).

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