Is this the Ambulance of the Future?

Above photo: University Hospitals Birmingham Twitter

England is testing out what could be the ambulance of the future.

University Hospitals Birmingham performed a live demonstration last week where a clinician based on a computer in a hospital diagnosed a patient in an ambulance several miles away, ZDNet reports.

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All this is possible because of 5G wireless broadband. The ambulance is able to share live measurements, including the patient’s heart rate and medical records.

The rig also has the ability for a doctor to perform a body scan on the patient in the ambulance through a joystick that controls the paramedic’s hand.

“I need you to tilt it just a little bit more towards the liver,” instructed Clutton-Block, the hospital’s clinical director to paramedic Calum Stone for the demonstration, before saying that it felt “like having a hand in the ambulance,” according to the article.

There is no timetable on when or if this high-tech solution will go live.

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