Volume III: Strike on the Pentagon

JEMS editor-in-Chief A.J. Heightman met with key Arlington County Fire Department responders that served in command and EMS management roles on 9/11 to get their perspective on an incident that was overshadowed by the collapse and high death toll experienced in New York City after the collapse of the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center. This special report on the Pentagon response presents EMS command and patient care aspects carried out by emergency responders that bright, sunny morning in Arlington, Va.

What few realized then, and perhaps now, was that there were 23,000 people working in the Pentagon that fateful day. You will hear important, never-before-reported details of the complex operations and force retreats that occurred on 9/11 at the Pentagon when there were at least two additional reports of terrorist, hijacked planes inbound for the Pentagon. This is an amazing account that offers tremendous EMS operational and management lessons to the reader.

To read Out of the Darkness, Volume III: Strike on the Pentagon, click here.

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