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Cardiology Simplified

Room: 214D

Tuesday, August 24, 2021: 8:00 AM – 12:00 PM

This presentation will simplify and demystify many advanced ECG interpretation skills. The presentation will demonstrate the importance of a systematic and consistent approach to ECG analysis. A review of cardiac anatomy and physiology will serve as the foundation to change how providers think about 12 lead ECG. Specifically, a fundamental understanding of coronary artery anatomy and conduction system physiology will be discussed and related to common 12 lead diagnosis.

Difficult and commonly misdiagnosed ECGs such as posterior, right ventricular, and left main coronary artery occlusions will be discussed in detail. The clinical implications of other commonly misunderstood concepts such as hemi-fascicular blocks are also simplified and given field-expedient diagnostic methods. Furthermore, innovative research is presented that emphasizes the importance of lead AVR and why it is imperative to understand ECG changes in this lead.


Thomas Nagel BSN, RN, NRP; Clinical Coordinator, Level One Trauma Center, Charlotte, NC

Chris Goenner MHS, NCEE, NRP; Program Director, Central Piedmont Community College

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