Dr. Paul Rostykus Presented Research from the 2016 NAEMSP Annual Meeting at EMS Today 2016

NAEMSP (National Association of EMS Physicians) Annual Meeting is a forum to encourage, share and expand research in EMS and pre-hospital care. Dr. Paul Rostykus, the current NAEMSP Program Committee Chair, who orchestrates this important annual gathering of EMS medical directors, presented a summary of the top research from the NAEMSP Annual Meeting in San Diego held in January 2016.

Rostykus began his EMS Today 2016 session with a discussion of truth, statistics and significance, comparing statistical and clinical significance, and described the use of 95% confidence intervals and p values in evaluating research results.

Rostykus then highlighted the seven 2016 NAEMSP award winning presentations and the ever-popular NAEMSP Top 5 Articles presentation.

Research in EMS and prehospital care, while still limited compared to other fields of medicine, is growing rapidly. What we “know” is true today, may be proven false, as has happened for MAST pants and bretylium for ventricular fibrillation. Many of you may have heard the adage, “Half of what you learn in EMS school is wrong. The problem is we don’t know which half.” Stay tuned as our EMS world learns and changes.

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