2020 James O. Page Leadership Award

Remle P. Crowe, PhD
Remle P. Crowe, PhD

National Research Scientist for ESO Solutions; Lead Public Health Epidemiologist and Biostatistician for the Metropolitan Emergency Medical Services Medical Directors (aka, “Eagles”) Global Alliance

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Remle P. Crowe, PhD, is a renowned metrics and data scientist as well as a quality improvement (QI) strategist. A brilliant, multi-lingual scientist, Dr. Crowe is a highly respected and heralded expert in the management and scrutiny of accurately acquired data to power quality improvement and research initiatives.

She is not only known in the world of emergency medical services and public health threats, but also in the fields of workforce resilience and mechanical engineering. A former Ford Motor Company Quality Improvement employee, she has transitioned her skills and talents into the world of 911 emergencies.

Now a six-sigma black belt, her PhD was earned in the field of in public health with specialization in epidemiology and biostatistics, an arena in which she has already excelled.

Within the past two years alone, she has earned three prestigious “best research” awards from several major professional societies at their annual meetings, including:

  1. The National Association of EMS Physicians,
  2. The National Association of Emergency Medical Technicians
  3. The Society for Critical Care Medicine where her research was honored with the 2021Star Research Achievement Award for globally reaching findings on COVID-19 related cardiac arrest.

She has also received other national accolades such as a Journal of Emergency Medical Services designation as “Innovator of the Year” in 2020 and, most recently, the prestigious 2021 Paul E Pepe, MD Eagle Award for Outstanding National Contributions to EMS from Metropolitan EMS Medical Directors (“Eagles”) Global Alliance.

She has also provided support for mass gathering medicine, from both data collection and bio-engineering aspects, and is also the author of numerous papers and podcasts on mental-being, resilience and crisis-coping as it relates to burnout and COVID-19.

Beyond recent publications regarding the role of EMS agency factors in creating risk for burnout, she helped prepare an innovative insight into the realm of EMS well-being in a three-part article entitled “Minding the Mind of EMS” and she also served as a panelist for a recent production of Theater of War for Frontline Workers.

During the past year, she also served as a champion for the EMS community in terms of dealing with ketamine-related controversies for which she served as a well-prepared and articulate scientist who could advocate effectively in public and legislative circles for the continued use of ketamine in the prehospital systems.

In addition to advocating for EMS medical directors and responders, she is ultimately a strong advocate for all patients across all elements of society. For example, being fluent in Spanish and spending over five years working as a responding medic with the Mexican Red Cross, she recently helped promulgate a Spanish-language tool for identifying strokes called AHORA which was just presented to a national audience during the 2021 EMS State of the Science XXII meeting in Florida.

For all these accomplishments, the 2020 James O. Page Leadership Award is bestowed upon Dr. Remle Crowe, an EMS leader who has exhibited “drive and tenacious effort to resolve important EMS issues or bring about positive change in an EMS system, often at great personal or professional sacrifice.”

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